Thursday, July 14, 2011

So This is my Life

I've been running a lot lately. Running out of time? Running here and there? No. I've decided to Run for Hayden. Those of you who know me, know who Hayden is. He is one of the sweetest little boys on Earth. He is smart, silly, rambunctious, messy, and beautiful all wrapped up in one little teensy weensy package. He also only has half of a heart. Hayden was born with a severe congenital heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Five days after his birth, he had his first open-heart surgery. Five months later, he had his second and he is scheduled to have a third within the next few months. He has always handled surgery well and has continued to amaze everyone with how well he has been in-between procedures. So what about me? How have I handled everything? I would say that I handle life as best as I can. Some days are good, some days are not...but somehow I always get through them. Having a wonderful family helps...definitely helps. But, I have to admit, this is really stressful for me. I worry....worry, worry, worry. I can't help it. I've always thought too much. My brain never shuts off. So, I've decided to run. I run in order to make myself stronger so that I can handle the physical demands of taking care of my family. I run to feel competent and to challenge myself to reach ever larger training goals. I run to feel the sweat trickle down my arms and to feel the pounding of my shoes on the road and the beating of my heart in my chest. I run to rid my thoughts and body of the stress of the day and the stress that the future brings. I run because I now know that just because some people have physical limitations, it doesn't mean that they are limited. I Run For Hayden. Who's with me? Allons-y!

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